Post-termination Support

If you are struggling to come to terms with a termination, you don't have to do it alone. Whether it happened recently or in the past, our trained practitioners will help you explore your feelings about the termination in a safe way.

We recognise that you may have kept your experience a secret, which has been bottled up for fear of being judged or misunderstood, leaving you with nowhere to go. Sometimes these unresolved feelings don't go away.

We offer support from a specially trained practitioner who will take you through your feelings, using a sensitive, non-judgemental specialised programme. Your practitioner will lead you through an initial assessment, allowing you to tell your own story. You will have your own unique and individual thoughts, which will be heard with compassion. You are welcome to bring a partner, friend or family member to this appointment if you wish. Following this, each session in the programme will help you to process your experience, with practical tools to help you move forward.

We offer a variety of appointment types to suit your needs: face to face at our centre, online or by telephone. These can be weekly or fortnightly to fit in with life and work

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